Bali trip August 18th -21st, 2007

Realisation of Bali trip August 18th -21st, 2007.

Jalan-jalan murah ke Bali versi gw

Day 1 : 
Pointing to the airport by the bus Damri. Arrives at Bali 19.00 WITA. 
We already booked a room at Kuta Inn in Poppies II area. The room rate was 150.000 IDR for standard room because room placed for two. The room rate included breakfast (toast, scrambled eggs, butter, jam, coffee/tea), Air Conditioner, Hot Water, clean 4×5 meter room, swimming pool.
Because we have booked a motorcycle for 4 days trip and the owner of the motocycle is  generous, he dropt the motor in airport parking lot so we used it instantly as we arrived at Bali. The motorcycle owner is Ketut Ace, if you need some transportation help maybe you can contact him at 081338037445

We went to the Inn first to drop our bags.
Then, we went to Sanur Village Festival. The evening Festival held in Inna Grand Bali area. There were band, Food Festival, Australia-Indonesia cartoon gallery. We eat pizza only IDR 5.000 with a lot of mozzarela, great value for great pizza.

Day 2 :
Wake up at 04.00 WITA prepare for sunrise moment.
At 05.00 WITA already at Sanur, did a little bit of jogging. But huh… no sunrise at all, the sun is too shy to shown up because clouds were everywhere.
At 08.00, bought breakfast Nasi Ayam Betutu at Warung Made Weti in the end of Segara beach road.
Continue enjoying the Sanur Village Festival at Segara Beach. There were several activities, among of them were Kite Festival, Windsurfing Festival, Cullinary Festival, Band, Bonsai Festival. Bought perama ticket to Nusa Lembongan.

Having lunch at Warung Ari Jl Tukad Pakerisan, the menu are rice, fish soup, satay and ice tea only IDR 7.000. Have chit-chat with nice local guy named Oka, he really helpful in giving information about various local resto or warung around Denpasar. As request from Oka We want to continue to Resto Be Pasih and also Uluwatu but since it opposite way to Uluwatu and it was already around 16.00WITA, we directly went to Uluwatu. I really prayed to enjoy the sunset, it was hot but also cloudy and finally a little bit sunshine with orange light came up . As we finishing in taking photo, with motorbike we were going back to Kuta in a rush and what happen next?? The dog was chasing my bike, actually it was chasing at my leg HUA….. Something that i learnt, not all the Bali’s dogs are harmless and friendly.

Day 3 :
We changed plan waiting for sunrise to continue our nap because the weather were still too cloudy but i was jumped from the bed because it was already 09.00 WITA. At 10.00 WITA we have to be already at Sanur pointing to Nusa Lembongan.

There are 3 kinds of boats heading to Lembongan. The first one is mass jukung with rate IDR 50.000 for one way, this is for public transportation so don’t you get surprise when you surrounded by various contain like vegetables, petrol, etc. The second is Perama with rate IDR 70.000 for one way, the boat is for travelers especially budget travelers. The third is Scoot fast cruise with rate IDR 150.000 for one way and only takes approximately 30 minutes trip meanwhile the others take 1 hour. If you want to buy the tickets, shall search for the booth in front of Ananda Hotel located at Sanur at the end of Hang Tuah street or the counter in Yuyu cafe for Scoot fast cruise and counter Jeladi Wilis for Perama near Le Mayeur museum.
At 11.00 WITA the jukung departure from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan. At 12.00 we arrives at Nusa Lembongan. We have not booked any room yet, we thought we can book on site but the recommended Inn which is Linda Bungalows already full booked and the staff was not so friendly. I dont know it’s beacuse we were Indonesian or she was too busy with her self to talk with us? So we decided to stay at Inn right in front of departure and arrivals of Perama jukung. It cost IDR 100.000 with shower,4×5 meter clean room, terrace but unfortunately my friend lost the original quicksilver pants on the clothesline. There were no wind nor rain and from 5 piece of clothes that was the only thing that dissapeared.

There were some activities you can do in the islands either diving, snorkeling, biking. I heard some canoeing activity too but couldn’t find any. Some spot to do some snorkling activities at Nusa Lembongan there are Mangrove Forest, Nusa Penida and around the Quicksilver area that in front of my Inn.

We decided to have snorkling experience. So we rent jukung to Mangrove and Jungutbatu IDR 250.000 for two person included fin and google for two hours. Finishing the snorkeling, we decided to find interesting spot around the area like Underground House, Gate to Nusa Ceningan, Dream Beach, Mushroom beach, seaweed farm area under the gate to Nusa Ceningan. Seaweed is the biggest commodity in Lembongan. We really want to rent mountain bike to test our fitness level to reach those areas but the local said it’s too heavy rute, maybe they looked at my small appereance. Call pak Wayan Pariate at 08123953396 , he can help to provide the bike and other various the Water Sports. So we rent a motorcycle and they were right, it was absolutely heavy rute because the up and down road. Motorcycle rent rate was IDR 50.000, we used the motorcycle from 16.00 WITA up to 19.00 WITA. By the way there were no activities like in Kuta at 19.00 WITA above unless you want to enjoy some beers and have some chit-chat at the local bars.

Day 4 :
because the Inn did not provide breakfast so walk by the beach to enjoy morning breeze and search for some local menu and we found tipat. Tipat is a little bit like Ketoprak known in Java. To see the beatiful sunrise actually only take approximately 1km from Jungut Batu to Mangrove area but because (again) it’s too cloudy :=( so i only enjoy the cold breeze.

At 09.30 WITA we were about to start the journey back to Sanur with giant jukung owned by Peramatour. The way back journey a lot heavier. The wave a bit high and the water splashing to the jukung several time, the jukung oscillate badly made me wonder will the boat get sunk also i had nausea. Thanks God the journey take less time from Nusa Lembongan-Sanur then Sanur-Nusa Lembongan.

The last day we use it to enjoy beaches along the South Bali. There are Uluwatu beach, Suluban beach, Nyang-nyang beach, Padang-padang beach, Bingin beach, Blangan beach, Impossible beach, Dreamland beach, Jimbaran beach.

Some photo of my trip click here.

This trip costs for two :
Motorcycle rental 4 days in Bali             = 4 x IDR  30.000  = IDR     120.000
Room at Kuta Inn 2 nights                      = 2 x IDR 150.000 = IDR     300.000
Perama ticket 2 person                           = 4 x IDR  70.000  = IDR      280.000 (return)
Room at Lembongan                                                                  = IDR     100.000
Motorcycle rental  at Lembongan                                             = IDR       50.000
Snorkeling (jukung & s. equipment)                                         = IDR      250.000
Food at Warung Nasi Pedes Ibu Andika  = 4 x IDR  10.000 = IDR       40.000
Food at Warung Ari                                    = 4 x IDR    7.000  = IDR      28.000
Tipat                                                             = 2 x IDR    2.000  = IDR        4.000
Corn Barbeque                                            = 3 x IDR    2.000  = IDR       6.000
Mineral Water during vacation                                                  = IDR       25.000
Nasi Ayam Betutu Made Weti                 = 2 x IDR   10.000  = IDR       20.000
Ticket return Air Asia  CGK-DPS-CGK                                     = IDR  1.700.000
                                                                               TOTAL                IDR  2.923.000

Thank you to :
Ketut Ace
Wayan Suarsa
Wayan Pariate
for helping us during the vacation

Tips enjoying Bali in my version :

  • Never get too shy to talk and ask travel tips with local.
  • Bargaining is important.
  • Never get afraid to hot weather, sun, salt water.

Ke Bali ga harus mahal kan


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  1. koq cm “hehe..” aja commentnya?
    seneng namanya disebut yak…?!!

    mau no telp.nya ditampilin juga ga?

    mau comment, nama Balinya ditunjukin duong… cm Oka doang sih…

  2. sorrY br sempet buka blogsny..
    it uda ta kasi tmbahan nama bali lg dikiiiit,kt ibu ga bole banyak2..
    comment ta tambah lg dikit ” heheheheheehehe “yg jelas blogny bagus koq..
    Fin, kl ak boleh tau km kerja dimana ?koq bisa sering2 trip ke luar daerah?mo nyaingin paris hilton y?terakhir kynya km ke pontianak,enak bngt y ga ky ak cm tau bali only.???????

  3. buset dah sampe konsultasi sm ibu dl ya mau masukin nama, ga apa2 kan bisa beken di blog aku hehe….
    aku kerja dmn? aku kasih tau japri aja ye…amin deh kl trip kerja bs diklasfikasikan enak. enak ga enak kan tergantung kita menikmatinya, bener ga? kl yang ga suka keluar kota sih bakalan tersiksa banget dpt tugas begini.
    Bkn nyaingin Paris Hilton tp pengen jadi reporter acara jalan2 di TV yg ga kesampean heheh….
    Bali only? it’s a gorgeous island. you should thankful for that.

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