Bad ending of year 2007

I close this year sadly by losing the one that i care the most.

You said :
In your eyes, I found the greatest prize You and I could not be closer And in your arms, is everything I want Now I know my search is over.

you are my everything, my spirit, my motivation, my life…

krn aku tau kl perasaan ini gak akan pernah hilang..

if you love me back n if you take me in.. i will rejoice, my heart be glad.. and i feel so happy knowing that you share the same feelings..

krn aku tau that’s how i feel for you and it will never end.. i’ve found love in you and love is forever..

But to be with you
Is everything that I ever wanted and so
I will cherish you for all my life
Until death take me away…
I will never stop loving you
Just so you know
How much I love you so….

You’ve bring me so much happiness
I am so glad..
When I look at your eyes I could see heaven
You’re smile are always shining inside my heart
It always brightens my days…

But I love her so..
Deeply in my soul
Widely become my destiny in life

She is the only one
The only love that’ll comfort me
The one true love in my heart
And every word I say is safely from within
Not a creation over lies..
Not just merely lyrics of a song
Left for lovers to sing along..

one more time i love you dear…

But i lose you now, is it for good? every single words above seems so useless and such a lie to me now. Yes you have proved all that in 2 years but now. One day you will say to her about me “she aint worth it…” like you wrote to me about yours before.

you’re not aware on my whereabouts anymore
you’re not sensitively calm me no more…
like something else could get into your attention more than I do
like there must be something new in your mind maybe
like maybe I’m just not what you wanted to see anymore

why you have to change?


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