black & blue

Thought we could concord the gap
We fail
Thought we could share the world
It broken
Thought we could stand for better for worse, for richer for poorer
You stand in richer & better only
Thought all ego bend with rope called love
But the rope is too short
Thought we have more than anything money could buy
You tried buy everything with money

I have to wake up from dreaming about eternal, devotion of love
It’s only dream darling… Platonic.

Your finger pointing at me for something stupid i’ve done
Yes it was stupid but look at you.
You don’t even look at your self, don’t realized what you are.
You ain’t better than me.

I’m no perfect but i’m not that pathetic
I’m no angel but why i have no heart to see your tears?

I almost leave our roads, oh… so close
i already have my key to open that door
but why i rather stay
and now i’m the one being forced to walk alone

Did i stupid?
Did i too much in love?
Did i just have no heart to see you crying?

And now i have to deal with my own regret
Why i did not leave you at my convenience time?
So i don’t feel the pain, black & blue


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